i’ve got a lot of things i want to make. will i do it, or will i abandon them to virtual death, just as i did my family in that virtual reality family murder simulator i played in a haunted mall at the edge of the world?

  • the artifacte (note the -e on the end) is about building an actual artifact in play. i’ve always liked that idea, building something communally and then keeping it afterwards as a reminder of a shared experience. this game will be about scholars and craftsmen travelling together to find and build a powerful wand before the end of the world. you will actually build a wand out of cheap arts-n-crafts materials and make it look dazzling and baller, then imbue it with magical power.
  • i’m ressurecting a game i left behind about barbarians heading out from their homeland due to the terrible frost killing off their crops and game. it is like oregon trail but with more beheadings – you will surely lose, and the game is designed to kill you, but theoretically you can win and if you do, hot dang! but really it’s about spreading death and bloodshed along a miserable frozen trail towards salvation.
  • i want to do a game where players make up songs, line by line. you are given a list of lines and must pick one, then the next player picks the next, and so on. these lines also serve as story prompts for the scene you will perform, about a group of spunky troll kids making do with their imprisonment. in the end, you will take turns singing your works and you will make a haunting and beautiful, heartbreaking symphony.