find out what’s going on with things i’m working on.

initial design / playtesting / refinement / layout / publishing

the incident at the 1992 king cheetah convention – famous professional wrestler king cheetah turns heel at a convention, prompting a riot. larp for 3+. needs internal playtesting with large numbers, so it may be a while!

artifacte – the brightest minds and steadiest hands in the realm gather to craft  wand capable of killing a powerful menace. larp for 6. tons of paperwork needed for these, plus you literally craft an item during play, so there’s a lot to work with.

murder. –  a handful of innocent bystanders must escape a building besieged by criminals. pbta, tabletop for 3-6. going through playtesting to see if it needs dice or not.

outside – your family has been banished from their community and must contend with the devils in the woods. tabletop for 3-5. resolution system is a bizarre drafting idea that needs refinement.

r.un r/obo+t re.mi(x)+  – robots deal with human emotions, needs, and love for the first time after the apocalypse. pbta, tabletop for 3-5. ready for early playtesting, then adding rules as needed.

winters pass and you father bastards – craft a dynasty of powerful rulers while avoiding the kingdom learning of your political mishaps. tabletop for 3-5. working with good friend simon gough on this one, but it may need to wait until he finishes his world-tour of phd conferences! go go simon~! <3333