2 players, req: 2 e-mail accounts with many messages / spam, web chat

spybots crawl through your e-mail, learning details about you and reporting back to their masters. autonomous and eternal, they continue learning, even after their link back is severed and they are effectively useless, spying and prying but never speaking. they simply learn. you and a friend will play as two such spybots, abandoned and forgotten, going over your own e-mails and using them to construct a conversation and language. spybots have no way to communicate on their own, but instead use the things they learn in a desperate attempt to speak to one another. what will you say, and what will you wish you had said?

a quick game about communication where players follow a strict series of rules that makes it difficult to speak to one another. you’ll have to construct strange sentences and possibly alter the meanings of words to convey what you’re trying to say, and possibly have to change gears if you can’t say it at all. you choose what the other person sees, so no private information from your e-mails will ever be shown to the other player.

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