hi. my name is caitlynn belle – caitie for short. i make games. i like professional wrestling, tacos, horror movies, and kink. some of my games are very generous with sex and kink, by the way, so be advised if that’s not your jam!

my resume includes:

  • i’ve done work for alessandro piroddi’s game the name of god, creating two special fetishes called the glitch and the garden.
  • i’ve also created a scenario about a post-apocalyptic death virus called hatch fever for  a grandiose disaster by mike young and ndp design.
  • i worked with josh jordan to create singularity, a transhuman dating show game about surreal humans and their surreal love.
  • my game marie mandelhaus loves the snow will be featured in marshall miller and j. walton’s seasonally affected anthology.
  • i’m part of a design team working with ben lehman and others to create an upcoming video game about a mongol princess.
  • i’ve contributed garden full of static, a special world to play in, to the second edition kickstarter of robert bohl’s misspent youth.
  • my world of reputation and social media of the past, mirror, will be a setting in the veil: cascade.
  • you can find ice cream fundae, a 90’s improv hip-hop band, in hannah schaffer’s damn the man, save the music.
  • i’ll also be contributing a playset for nathan paoletta’s and kevin allen jr’s game trouble for hire.

basically what i’m saying is i have no free time.

i’m on twitter, where i say garbage words and waste everyone’s time. you can find my professional, not awful twitter account here, which tells you what projects of mine are coming up and where you can find them. i’m also on instagram, where i post pictures of myself and my cats.